Who We Are?


We are specialised global trading company with a world class supply chain.

Primarily engaged in the aggregation and movement of specialty agricultural commodities from end to end.

Quality is our priority, so we do a vertically integrated origination from seed to export of the processed product.

Close relationship with local growers across the world to the respective destinations markets.

Connecting cultures across continents through Agriculture trading.

Extraordinary Experiences

With more than 5 years dehydrating alfalfa, we are specialized in the growing, harvest, dehydrating, pressing and exportation of our alfalfa to more than 15 countries worldwide.

Thanks to our regular customers, every year we export more and more products from of our country, in different packet weights and always using the best quality dehydrated alfalfa, with a protein level always higher than 18%.

Our analysis of fiber and protein are one of the most valued by the end users of every country, and we have as customers the most important cattle factories in many countries.

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Our Core Values

We trade with a genuine personal touch of care and commitment.
We use our diverse strengths to help our customers succeed in this highly competitive business environment.
Our strategic sourcing team plays an integral role to reduce costs and increase value to our supply chain.
Transparency in trades adds lot of energy and enthusiasm from both sides of the supply chain.
We believe in collective team work and holistic decision making.